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Next Club Meeting 
Tuesday 27th February 2024 at 7pm
St Ninian's Church Hall

Jenny Matthews - Watercolour flowers

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Syllabus 2023-2024  Meetings start at 7pm
28th November   Pam Thorburn - Abstract still life (

30th January         Leo de Feu - Crit night (
27th February       Jenny Matthews - Watercolour flowers (
26th March            Mark Holden - Abstract Impressionism (
30th April               Hayley Whittingham - crit night  (
28th May                Sheena Philips - Big skies  (
27th July - 3rd August   Annual Exhibition
24th September  TBA
29th October         AGM
Syllabus 2022-2023     Meetings start at 7pm
     27th September - Tessa Asquith Lamb
     25th October - AGM and Presentation of Exhibition prizes
     29th November - Chi Zhang - Chinese Painting/Scottish landscapes

     31st January - Hayley Whittingham - Crit
     28th February - Damian Callan - Collage to painting
     28th March - Mark Holden -Confidence creating urban paintings and sketches                                                                    
     25th April - Priscilla Brightman - Crit
     30th May - Dianne McNaughton - Watercolour Demo
     26th September - Jean Stewart - Demonstration
     31st October - AGM and presentation of awards
Syllabus 2022     Meetings start at 7pm
     22nd February - Jean Stewart - Demonstration
     29th March - Leo du Feu - Nature and Landscape in acrylic  
     26th April - Hayley Whittingham - Crit
     31st May - Andy Siddall - Demonstration 
     29th July - 6th August - Preview night and Exhibition

Meetings take place in St Ninian’s Church hall, St Ninian’s Road, commencing at 7pm. Access from St. Ninian's Road.

Visitors can attend any meeting for a fee of £5.00 per meeting.


There will be no charge at our open meetings in May and September.

25 October 2022

Annual General Meeting

AGM and presentation of Belle Kilgour Trophy and Earle Douglas Award

Damian Callan
Tessa Asquith Lamb
Leo Du Feu
Hayley Whittingham

Damian Callan                       Tessa Asquith Lamb        Leo du Feu                          Hayley Whittingham       Annie White

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